Simple Machines is a high-impact technology consultancy.

We partner with clients to craft high-quality, scalable and resilient systems.

Consultancy as partnership

We’re a team of passionate, expert practitioners. Our approach is based on transparent partnerships, pragmatism and a desire to deliver real value. As an extension to your team, with a proven track record, we bring years of experience and maturity to every engagement.

We specialise in end-to-end delivery - from business case analysis, strategy and architecture, to engineering and integration.

Data Engineering & Machine Learning

Streaming data and real time analytics, data modelling, machine learning and deep learning use cases.

Enterprise Software Development

Highly resilient, scalable and secure platforms, micro-services and managed services frameworks.

Engineering Research

Researching, ideating, validating, architecting and engineering for web and mobile applications.

Our Partners


We are certified Lightbend select system integrator partners and certified trainers. We architect and engineer systems in Scala, Akka and Play. We also provide certified Lightbend training courses in Scala, Akka, Play and Spark.


We are Confluent partners and architect, integrate and engineer streaming data systems with Kafka. We also provide fast track training in Kafka for our clients and the broader engineering community.


We are AWS partners and architect, engineer and deploy systems on AWS. We provide AWS-certified DevOps consultants and architects who design, engineer and deploy systems within the AWS eco-system.


We are Microsoft Partner Network members and architect, engineer and deploy systems on Microsoft Azure. We provide Microsoft certified architects and engineers who design, engineer and deploy systems within the Microsoft ecosystem.


We actively engage with and contribute to the broader technology community. Our team regularly contributes to open-source projects, provides training, speaks at conferences and writes blog posts and white papers.

We are proud sponsors of Lambda Jam, Yow! Connected and CTO Summit.


As well as partnering with leading enterprises and government organisations we work with well funded startups and SME’s with challenging problems.

Work with us

All our work is via referral, we’re proud of that. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss a project or an overview of our credentials and relevant case studies.