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Simple Machines is a product company & software consultancy

We work with corporations, disruptors and dreamers to create the future.

Innovation & Product Strategy


Detailed thinking and insights, underpinned by research and testing.

From business case to final delivery, we collaborate with visionary startups and Australia’s largest corporations to establish new markets, trial frontier technologies and increase revenue.

User Experience & Design


Evidence-led design, prototyping and delightful user experiences.

Our UX specialists design some of the most trafficked websites in Australia. Favouring research over conjecture, we also use iterative prototyping so clients can see their products evolve.

Software Development


Robust, scalable and maintainable software applications.

We cater for projects of many shapes and sizes - from web and mobile applications, to enterprise-level software implementations in Scala or Java.

about us

We specialise in digital product innovation and greenfield software development.

We’re a team of experienced and passionate professionals. Collectively, we pioneer world-leading websites and software applications. Our approach is based on trust, accountability and senior-level partnerships. Lean and agile, we also encourage collaboration between engineers and clients at every stage… over the years, we’ve found things move faster this way.

All our opportunities are generated by referrals. We’re proud of that.